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COLOR – 7A Mid Ash Blonde

Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Colour is part of the Topchic collection that consists of over 130 shades of permanent hair colour dedicated to making your hair look great. With the Intra Lipid patented Coenzyme Technology the Goldwell Topchic provides peak performance with the best possible hair protection.

Key Features

  • Topchic colour offers regular colouring with 100% coverage and multiple shades of warm colour
  • Comes in a 60ml tube with muted colourful highlights
  • Comes with a mildly alkaline pH which helps you get the desired deposit and lightness
  • Integrated Protect System (IPS) core technology: helps deliver unique and top-notch colouring
  • Equalizer System 2.0 and a new Coenzyme Molecule.
  • Permanent Hair Colors
  • Formulated for professional use only


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