Thanks to the exclusive Shield Technology and Coconut Oil, Cramer Color System lets you explore and achieve the full potential of each shade, breathe life into each highlight and personalise each colour, safe in the knowledge that the result will be unique and always perfect.

Coconut oil is a key ingredient that gives Cramer Color system some of its more peculiar characteristics for pleasant fluidity and maximum coverage.

Creamy texture
Mixes instantly
Easy and smooth application
Maximum coverage
Hydrates hair and highlights the colour


Cramercolor has the Velian Complex protection even for the skin.

Studies have demonstrated that “specific blends of extracts of Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax and Dyer’s Chamomile, produced using plants grown by Kemon, possess noteworthy anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics”, and that the patented Velian Complex blend produces an important synergistic effect, with results greater than those expected from the sum of the individual extracts.

Cramer Color
Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair colour with a creamy texture, 100 ml tube Delivers long-lasting, impeccable results and maximum coverage of stubborn, hard to cover grey hair.

The range consists 0f 109 intermixable colours divided into 26 colour series to offer a rich and diversified palette that responds to the hair colourist’s every need and the client’s specific colour characteristics.

Extraordinarily true-to-swatch, making it ideal to achieve perfect level and tone results.


100% Coverage of even stubborn, colour resistant grey/white
Uniform colours from roots to ends
• Extraordinarily long-lasting results
• Maximum shine
• Up to 5 levels of lift with the ultra-lighteners

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Cramer Color
Hair Color

Ammonia-free tone-on-tone colouring featuring a creamy texture, for a comfortable and gentle service that is respectful of the hair structure. Leaves hair luminous and easy to detangle. The product lets you achieve delicate tones while minimising the regrowth effect plus all the shades act by direct coverage. As an alternative, you can produce rich and vibrant results by combining with Cramer Color permanent hair colour, for synergistic action.
The range consists of 56 intermixable colours divided into 18 colour series.