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Refresh your style between shampoos with OSIS+ Refresh Dust Bodifying Dry Shampoo. Works great on oily scalps. A spray-able powder that refreshes your style between shampoos provides incredible volume and keeps your hair looking fresh—rebuilding greasy hair with light control and separation.

This multitasking powder spray can be used before or in between shampoos or as a bodifying dry shampoo. Your hair will appear voluminous and full of body without feeling weighed down. For a natural and healthy finish this dry shampoo provides light control and separation.

The product provides additional grip when used on freshly washed dry hair making it ideal for braids and other elaborate hairstyles. Additionally you can either use the product to refresh previous styles or just to keep the hair looking fresh for longer. Oily hair in particular will benefit from this product. In addition the powder can be applied easily since it is a spray.

Schwarzkopf OSiS Refresh Dust has bodifying and refreshing properties that will keep your style looking fresh between shampoos. With the sprayable powder you can achieve excellent volume for all hair types as well as long-lasting freshness. Using this product oily hair gets a new lease of life thanks to its light control factor and separating capabilities.

It works to texturize freshly washed hair and to make it easier to style. It contains rice starch derived from Oryza sativa an ingredient that has amazing absorption characteristics. It absorbs hair oil and mattes the hair shaft leaving it vibrant and bouncy. With a fresh clean scent you feel vibrant and fresh.


  • Spray-on dry shampoo.
  • Root refreshment.
  • Anti-greasiness.
  • Instant volume and fullness.

Instructions To Use:

  • Shake well before use and in between usages.
  • Use in short bursts.
  • Use on dry hair from approx. 20cm away.
  • Brush through. 
  • Read packaging for any safety warnings.



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