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This styling spray by Schwarzkopf Professional has a light conditioning formula that is very easy to apply. It provides moderate volume and control. You can even out porosity and smooth the surface with an anti-static effect using a comb.

In conjunction with the use of QUAT care agents light film formers are supplied that hold and care in a non-overburdening manner.

This hairspray is the OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray Light Control from Schwartzkopf. This prepping spray is meant to manage and prep hair before styling so that it can absorb other styling products. The light and complete formulation of this cream allows it to be used by itself. People who want a simple hairstyle but need help controlling static and frizz or just want their hair to look smoother can use this product.

The perfect product for someone who wants to go bold is to help with combing. This makes all other styling processes much easier as well. It offers light conditioning as well as a light volume boost which will even out the porosity of the hair for a more soft surface.

The Schwarzkopf Osis Hairbody spray leaves hair looking nourished and hair with a light hold. It feeds and cares for the hair. Additionally it makes combing easier. Using the gentle fluid texture the hair surface is smoothed so no lint is left behind. The hair does not become clumpy and will continue to move naturally. Osis Hairbody from Schwarzkopf protects hair from UV rays and heat. Static-free and more resi


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