NOVACOLOR B9.32 DE LORENZO 60G 9320957033144


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Color – B9.32 Ext Light Beige Blonde

De Lorenzo Novacolor is a low ammonia-based colour useful for semi-permanent dyeing of your hair. The Novacolour products are at the top of the food chain for the De Lorenzo brand. It contains essential components that make hair colouring very easy and long-lasting. De Lorenzo nova hair colour is the first line of professional hair shade that hit the Australian markets. It has remained the only top product line to represent the brand.


  • The product contains low ammonia and no harmful chemical that might cause damage to hair
  • The cosmetic product contains protein complexes that make for a richer truer and shinier hair shade
  • De Lorenzo hair colour gives your hair a cleaner and more vibrant shade when applied properly
  • It comes with a lower content of ammonia which helps to maintain hair colour after application
  • The product contains protein complexes that consolidate the hair colour after the process



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