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Using Hybrid Pigment Technology you can attain six different results from a single pigment based on the developer used. Choose from permanent demi-permanent intense demi-permanent colour balancing blonde toning or men’s grey blending results by selecting the appropriate developer or lotion.

  • Permanent Colour: 10 20 30 or 40vol
  • Demi Permanent Colour: Hybrid Lotion
  • Intense Demi Permanent Colour: Hybrid Intense Lotion
  • Colour Balancing: Hybrid & Hybrid Intense Lotion
  • Blonde Toning: Hybrid Lotion
  • Men’s Grey Blending: Interblend Man Lotion
  • Hybrid Converter: As fine hair can shift in level during the toning process it will also benefit from the effects of Hybrid Converter by reducing this risk
  • Hybrid Equalizer: is the perfect addition to any toner mix for all clients after a full scalp bleach or clients that have a sensitive scalp. Add to any 89 or 10 level toner to adjust the operating ph level of the prepared colour resulting in a toner performing as gentle as an acid colour on the scalp and hair. 

    Muk Hybrid Equaliser is added LAST to the final mix at a ratio of 1:6 



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