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COLOR – 6K Copper Brilliant

Goldwell Colorance is the perfect product for achieving natural demi shades for different levels of grey coverage. It comes in a demi-lasting range design that ensures absolute hair beauty and rich colouring. The formula also helps to refresh pre-existing hair colours to glow and glitter better.

Key Features

  • Intra Lipid technology: rebalance the hairs lipid levels thereby providing optimum protection
  • Comes in a 60ml tube with a beautiful design and colour blend
  • Fast penetration action – it takes only 5 minutes to penetrate the hair
  • Lightening effects: Colourance express helps for best highlighting touch
    The Goldwell Colourance comes in three different ranges for optimum hair colour preservation and grey coverage.
  • Ensures up to 50% grey coverage and helps to create dimensions
  • For professional and salon use only


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