1511 MUK COLOUR 100G


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COLOR – ultra highlift intense ash blonde

The diverse Muk hair colour range is created by colourists for colourists.

This advanced and complete colour system offers unsurpassed tone shine and longevity. The Muk Hybrid colour range is compiled of more than 100 intermixable hybrid shades so that you can have the freedom to create the perfect colour.

Muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is a unique and dynamic range of colour that transcends the boundaries created by traditional professional hair colourants. Made with 80% naturally derived and vegan ingredients Zero PPD and PETA Cruelty-Free our range of hair colour will defy your expectations for professional colouring products.

Using Hybrid Pigment Technology you can attain six different results from a single pigment based on the developer used. Choose from permanent demi-permanent intense demi-permanent colour balancing blonde toning or men’s grey blending results by selecting the appropriate developer or lotion.

Muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color allows the colourist to be in complete control of the colour outcome and pigment development. It also utilises some of the lowest ammonia levels of any professional hair colour products – as low as 0.4%. This will reduce damage and stress placed on the hair strands allowing your clients hair to stay strong and healthy after a colouring appointment.



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