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Brand: Static Free SKU: 9319337020065
Broadcast is a uniquely designed member of the frizz maintenance programme. Created especially to provide instant shine and lasting protection through the addition of a sunscreen to its gentle formulation. Broadcast eliminates tangles and most importantly leaves the hair frizz free and silky soft.Di..
Brand: Static Free SKU: 9319337020058
Prevents split ends and promotes intensive shine.Powerful concentrated serum that conditions the cuticle to prevent split or broken ends. Promotes intensive shine...
Brand: Static Free SKU: 9319337160617
Created as a light cream polish to seal and strengthen the cuticle while providing heat protection to the mid-lengths and ends of straight or curly hair. Prevents hair breakage, colour fade and split ends, Adds moisture and a fabulous shine.Directions:Apply Smooth Operator to the hair evenly and lea..
Brand: Static Free SKU: 18346
Created especially to provide deep shine and lasting protection. Derived from Moroccan argan trees, this light weight formula will eliminate tangles and leave the hair frizz free and silky soft. Contains sunscreen and keratin protein. Reduces drying time...
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