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Brand: RedOne SKU: 19688
Brand: RedOne SKU: 19685
Redone Blue.# Strong Hold for all day style.# Water Base, so easy to wash Just rinse with water.# infamous bubble gum flavour for hole day excellent smell.# Works great with all hair types.# Great Shinny Look..
Brand: RedOne SKU: 22014
RedOne Old Marine Cologne Aftershave comes in a Pump Spray 150ml bottle. Great and unique scent of Sea Breeze fragrance. Ideal for those who wants to smell differently than the normal lemon colognes after a shave or just before going out with your friends or family...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 22013
A refreshing and stimulating after shave cologne which provides a great way to finish a hair cut or shave.Supplied in handy spray bottle in a choice of 3 fragrances:• Lemon • Thunderbolt• Old Marine..
Brand: RedOne SKU: 21589
RedOne Creative Clay Wax allows you to reflect your hair in the shape you like.Creates a matte finish, with impressive results.Directions: Get some of the product in your palm and apply directly to dry or moist hair. Give it the shape you want and create texture.RedOne Creative Clay Wax (1..
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Brand: RedOne SKU: 21594
RedOne Creative Fiber Wax is an extremely strong hold with maximum control. Enhances hair lines with its fibrous texture. Pliable hold with a matte look finish...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 21588
Create flexible messy styles without leaving heaviness on the hair. Provides a natural matte look effect to the hair with excellent pliability and medium hold...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 19684
RedOne Matte Wax Full Force creates natural and permanent shapes on your hair with its special formula.Does not leave residue and heaviness on the hair.Can be cleaned off by combing the product out...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 19687
Grey Aqua Hair wax is water soluble and has been formulated to give you a masculine perfume smell with a long-lasting shine and strong hold. Has a thick hold and it is great to create any look to last all day. Works great on all hair types especially thick hair because of its strong hold. Best of al..
Brand: RedOne SKU: 21647
A great combination of wax and gel put together to give your hair a long-lasting look and a fresh citrus scent that lasts all day.IWater soluble so it washes off quickly. TThis gel wax combination is great for those who love a medium to strong hold...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 20691
Peel/Off Black Mask is a new formula created to eliminate all blackheads, fine lines and dead skin. The mask purifies the skin and creates a healthy looking, smooth and youthful appearance...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 19686
Create long-lasting styles Enriched with vitamins that it contains, allows you to maintain the desired shape for a long time. Your hair looks shiny and good looking.Oiliness and hardening does not occur on your hair. It can be easily removed by combing...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 20692
Red One Face Fresh Shaving Gel 1000 ml: It is used for softening before foaming process of the beard. When Shaving Gel applied through massaging it turns into an intense and creamy substance.This creamy gel softens the beard quickly and allows razor to slip easily; so it prevents skin irritation. It..
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Brand: RedOne SKU: 22616
When shaving gel is applied massaging it into the hair it converts into a dense and creamy foam.The creamy foam gel softens beards fast, it assists in easy gliding of the razor blade and preventing irritation...
Brand: RedOne SKU: 20690
Maximum control150 MLMedium to strong hold with the ability to build it upWater soluble..
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