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Brand: Novacolor SKU: 14408
Offers multiple benefits to the professional colouring service. Reduces timing required when used with low heat.Protects the hair during the colouring process, Delivers hair dyes deep into the cortex for rich, long-lasting, colour.Reduces colour fadeout from washing and sun exposure.Enhances the ton..
Brand: Novacolor SKU: 9320957029284
De Lorenzo Novacolor Colour Eliminator A 'no bleach' alternative Able to remove up to 4 levels of artificial colour. Pack - 2x100ml..
Brand: Novacolor SKU: 9320957029239
 A pleasant and gentle lotion, formulated with Australian Eucalyptus Oil, to assist in the removal of stains on the skin caused by hair colourants.Instructions:Dampen a cotton ball with stain remover and gently remove excess color from the hairline, nape, and ears as soon as the application is ..
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