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Brand: Manya SKU: MAN9394
What it is and what it doesEco-friendly, non-aerosol hairspray in 250 ml can.Delivers extra-strong hold and fixes any type of hairfirmly, maintaining a sculpted shape and brilliant shine.How to useSpray just the right amount for the desired style atapproximately 30 cm from hair.Stylist’s tipsPerfect..
Brand: Manya SKU: MAN4022
What it is and what it doesNon-aerosol spray in 200 ml bottle. Its extra-holdingpower, provides instant control, completing the look andsetting the style.How to useApply in dry hair at a distance of 15/20 cm. Vary theamount based on the desired hold.Stylist’s tipsRight after spraying the product, us..
Brand: Manya SKU: 20315
What it is and what it doesAfter shave spray in 100 ml bottle. Tones and instantlysoothes the skin after shaving.How to useAfter shaving, spray on hands and apply to face with alight massage until absorbed.Stylist’s tipsAlso perfect to tone the face skin for those who preferthat “no product” effect...
Brand: Manya SKU: 20316
Tames the beard, leaving it soft, hydrated and scented. How to useStylist’s tipsUsing a few drops before shaving softens the beard andcreates a protection against razor micro-traumas to the skin.How to useApply a few drops on the palm of your hand and distribute through the beardevenlyStyl..
Brand: Manya SKU: 20910
Mousse that delivers extra hold, sets the styleand lets you achieve maximum volume without weighinghair down.How to useTurn can upside down and dispense 1 or 2 walnut-sizedamounts in the palm of your hand. Distribute evenlythroughout damp hair and then dry.Stylist’s tipsUse before drying to extend t..
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