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Brand: Berrywell SKU: 4011669637793
Dermatologically Approved.Naturally and evenly covers 'salt and pepper’ or white hair and gives a light to dark grey colour.With the Berrywell eyebrow and eyelash tint, you can obtain a high-quality, permanent colour, with reliable and tested quality.Simple applicationRapid effectExtraordi..
Brand: Berrywell SKU: 4011669638790
BERRYWELL® no. 2 Blue-Black is the perfect choice for certain facial types. It harmonises with eye make-up in blue shades. The colour accents brown and black eyelashes and eyebrows. Light natural shades are permanently and reliably coloured...
Brand: Berrywell SKU: 4011669639797
Natural Brown transforms naturalness into perfection! Emphasises the natural appearance of customers with light to dark brown hair. No. 3 Natural Brown discreetly and evenly covers 'salt and pepper’ or white hair and gives a light to dark grey coloured eye makeup. With the Berrywell e..
Brand: Berrywell SKU: 4011669641790
The perfect alternative for allthose who find Natural Brown to be too dark, BERRYWELL® no. 3.1 Light Brown is . It is particularly blond-haired customers who prefer the discrete emphasis on the eyebrows.Considered the most subtle of the browns. It gently accents light blond to light brown eyebrows a..
Brand: Berrywell SKU: 4011669324051
This professional cream based formula allows control of application and provides more security than using liquid developers, minimising spills or staining around the eye area! Creates intense colour that lasts between 4-6 weeks. Easy to apply dropper bottle, up to 100 colour applications. Formu..
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